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December 2017- CJ defends his dissertation!

Congratulations, CJ Anderson, Ph.D. Well done! … [Read more...]

October 2017 – Congratulations Carol for advancing to candidacy!

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October 2017- CJ’s review article is published in Frontiers in Microbiology!

CJ’s article "Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium Strategies for Host Adaptation” can be found here. … [Read more...]

May 2017 – Brooke passes her qualifying exams!

Congratulations, Brooke! … [Read more...]

November 2016- Congratulations, Deborah Luzader, Ph.D.!

Debi successfully defends her dissertation work! Great job, Debi!  … [Read more...]

October 2016- Melissa receives UVA Dean’s Award for Research Excellence!

Congratulations to Melissa and the Kendall lab!  … [Read more...]

June 2016- Debi’s research article is accepted for publication in Infection and Immunity!

Title: The ETT2-encoded regulator EtrB modulates enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli virulence gene expression … [Read more...]

June 2016- Melissa receives the ASM Merck Irving S. Sigal Memorial Award!

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May 2016- Beth’s review article, “Microbiota and pathogen ‘pas de deux’: setting up and breaking down barriers to intestinal infection” is published in Pathogens and Disease!

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February 2016- CJ’s research featured in UVA daily!

Check this article describing CJ's findings on how Salmonella uses ethanolamine as a GPS system during infection. … [Read more...]