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Hallie Rauch

Graduate Student


Emily Byrd

Graduate Student

Emily grew up in Richmond, VA, and completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech.  Emily participated in undergraduate research for two years focusing on Clostridium perfringens. After graduating at VT in May 2020, Emily matriculated into the BIMS program in July 2020. She then joined the Kendall lab in early 2021. Her research focuses on host-microbiota-pathogen interactions. In her free time, Emily enjoys thrift shopping, reading, playing with her pet cat Grim, and making herbal tea blends.

John Satkovich

Current position: Scientist, biotech company in the Charlottesville area.

Carol Rowley, MD, PhD

Current position: Pediatrics Resident, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Brooke Sauder, PhD

Current Position: Scientist, Locust Biosciences

Laura Gonyar, PhD

Current position:  Research Scientist, Department of Pediatrics, UVA