Criss Lab

Associated with the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (MIC), the Criss Laboratory investigates the pathogenic mechanisms of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the cause of the bacterial sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea. Gonorrhea affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide every year and has devastating effects on human health. Our research seeks to reveal vulnerabilities in the pathogen’s defense mechanisms that can be therapeutically exploited to combat this prevalent, debilitating infectious disease.

One On Environment, One On Global Infections

The huge societal challenges of global infectious diseases and a rapidly changing climate are now key transdisciplinary focus areas at UVA under two newly established, pan-University institutes.
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Researching Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea

Researchers find that two of N. gonorrhoeae’s proteins allow the bacteria to resist a human anti-microbial enzyme, opening the way for new therapies to treat drug-resistant gonorrhea infection.
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Small Innovation Grants Aim for Big Impact

UVA's Global Infectious Diseases Institute is providing new funding to seven UVA researchers from around the University to continue studies that could result in positive health outcomes for society at large.
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