Category: Lab News

January 2023: Ian Glomski joins the Criss lab


We are delighted to welcome back Ian Glomski to the Department of MIC! As Senior Scientist, Ian will be leading development of a biomimetic model of the human female genital…

October 2022: Criss Lab presents at IPNC 2022


Alison, Aimee, Jocelyn, Lacie, Amaris, Ian, and Evan traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to attend the 2022 International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference. Alison gave a plenary talk, Aimee, Lacie, and…

September 2022: Evan passes his qualifying exam


Congratulations to Evan Lamb, the newest PhD candidate in the Criss lab! Evan is investigating interactions among Neisseria gonorrhoeae, complement, and neutrophils.

Alison appointed Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor


Alison was named a Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor. This endowed professorship recognizes faculty who have made outstanding commitments to education, research, and service at the University of Virginia.

June 2022: Ian receives F31 award!


Congratulations to grad student Ian Liyayi, who was awarded an F31 NRSA fellowship from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases! Ian’s project is entitled “Understanding the role of…

April 2022: Amy F. joins the lab


We welcome graduate student Amy Forehand to the Criss lab! Amy and Alison, along with Amy’s parents, celebrated the event at the BIMS Lab Coat Ceremony on April 15.

April 2022: Congratulations Dr. Allison Alcott!


Allie Alcott successfully defended her PhD thesis on April 14, entitled “Opa protein mediated interactions with human neutrophils affect Neisseria gonorrhoeae survival.”

March 2022: Criss Lab attends the Gordon Research Conference and Gordon Research Seminar on Phagocytes


Aimee, Lacie, and Alison were thrilled to attend the in-person GRC and GRS on Phagocytes in Oxnard, California after two postponements due to COVID-19. Aimee gave a talk at the…

March 2022: Congratulations Dr. Jocelyn Ray!


Jocelyn successfully defended her PhD thesis, entitled “Resistance of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to nutritional immunity protein-mediated zinc limitation during epithelial infection,” on March 23. We wish Jocelyn all the best as…

March 2022: Journal of Bacteriology publication on Opa-mediated phagocytosis and killing of N. gonorrhoeae by neutrophils


Congratulations to Allie, Lacie, Chris, and collaborators Meagan Belcher Dufrisne and Linda Columbus on the publication of our manuscript entitled “Variable Expression of Opa Proteins by Neisseria gonorrhoeae Influences Bacterial…