Research papers

  • Galvao, R.P., Kasina, A., McNeill, R.S., Harbin, J.E., Foreman, O., Verhaak, R.G.W., Nishiyama, A., Miller, C.R., Zong, H. (2014) Transformation of quiescent adult oligodendrocyte precursor cells into malignant glioma through a multi-step reactivation process. PNAS, 111(40):E4214-23
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Reviews & book chapters

  • Zong, H.*, Parada, L.F., Baker, S.J. (2014) Cell of origin for malignant gliomas and its implication in therapeutic development. Chapter in CSHL Perspectives, Glia. Ben Barres, Marc Freeman, Beth Stevens (Eds.) CSHL press
  • Zong, H. (2014) Generation and applications of MADM-based mouse genetic mosaic system. Chapter in Mouse Genetics. Methods in Molecular Biology Series, Vol. 1194:187-201. Shree Ram Singh, Vincenzo Coppola (Eds.) Humana Press and Springer
  • Galvão RP, Zong H. (2013) Inflammation and Gliomagenesis: Bi-Directional Communication at Early and Late Stages of Tumor Progression. PubMed PMC3607461[Available on 2014/3/1]
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  • Zong, H.*, Verhaak, R.G.W., Canoll, P. (2012) The cellular origin for malignant glioma and prospects for clinical advancements. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, 12(4):383-394 PubMed PMC


Collaborative papers

Brain tumor research
  • Papagiannakopoulos, T., Friedmann-Morvinski, D., Neveu, P., Dugas, J.C., Gill, R.M., Huillard, E., Liu, C., Zong, H., Rowitch, D.H., Barres, B.A., Verma, I.M., Kosik, K.S. (2011) Pro-neuronal miR-128 is a glioma tumor suppressor that targets mitogenic kinases. Oncogene, 31(15):1884-1895 PubMed
Applications of the MADM system
  • Packard A, Georgas K, Michos O, Riccio P, Cebrian C, Combes AN, Ju A, Ferrer-Vaquer A, Hadjantonakis AK, Zong H, Little MH, Costantini F.(2013) Luminal Mitosis Drives Epithelial Cell Dispersal within the Branching Ureteric Bud. PubMed
  • Foo, L.C., Allen, N.J., Bushong, E.A., Ventura, P.B., Chung, W.S., Zhou, L., Cahoy, J.D., Daneman, R., Zong, H., Ellisman., M.H., Barres, B.A. (2011) Development of a Method for the Purification and Culture of Rodent Astrocytes. Neuron, 71:799-811 PubMed PMC
  • Hippenmeyer, S., Youn, Y.H., Moon, H.M., Miyamichi, K., Zong, H., Wynshaw-Boris, A., Luo, L. (2010) Genetic Mosaic Dissection of Lis1 and Ndel1 in Neuronal Migration. Neuron, 68:695-709 PubMed PMC
Development of genetic tools
  • Gay, L., Miller, M.R., Ventura, P.B., Devasthali, V., Vue, Z., Thompson, H.L., Temple, S., Zong, H., Cleary, M.D., Stankunas, K., Doe, C.Q. (2013) Mouse TU-tagging: a chemical/genetic intersectional method for purifying cell type specific nascent RNA. Genes and Development, 27:98–115 PubMed
  • Tasic, B., Miyamichi, K., Hippenmeyer, S., Sani, V.S., Zeng, H., Joo, W., Zong, H., Chen-Tsai, Y., Luo, L. (2012) Extensions of MADM (Mosaic Analysis with Double Markers) in Mice. PLoS One, 7(3):e33332 PubMed PMC
  • Tasic, B., Hippenmeyer, S., Wang, C., Gamboa, M., Zong, H., Chen-Tsai, Y., Luo, L. (2011) Site-specific integrase-mediated transgenesis in mice via pronuclear injection. PNAS, 108: 7902–7907 PubMed PMC



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