Principal Investigator

Hui Zong, PhD

Associate Professor
B.S., Fudan University M.S., Fudan University Ph.D., Indiana University Email:
Phone: 434.982.1956

Office Location:  Jordan Hall 7042

Research Scientist

Ying Jiang, PhD

Research Scientist
B.S., Fudan University M.S., Fudan University Ph.D., Indiana University Email:
Phone: 434.982.0074

I am interested in studying aberrant signaling transduction pathways in brain tumor cells with biochemistry, cell culture, and mouse genetic methods to provide insights for targeted therapeutic strategies.


Guoxin Zhang

Research Associate
B.S., Nanjing University; Ph.D., Nanjing University Email:

Research interest. Cellular interaction, including cooperation and competition, is the fundamental of multi-cellular life. Cell competition is supposed to be essential for the homeostasis of the somatic tissues. My interest is to understand the biological significance and molecular mechanism of cell competition by employing the Glioma model.

Jungeun Kim, Ph.D.

Research Associate
PhD University of Virginia Email:

I’m interested in OPC competition and studying the molecular mechanism of OPC competition in glioblastoma.

Maojin Yao, Ph.D.

Research Associate
B.S. Xiang Ya Medical school; M.S., Xiang Ya Medical school; Ph.D., Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences Email:

I am interested in studying the role of tumor-niche interactions for cancer progression with cell culture, imaging, and mouse genetic methods

Graduate Students

Phil Gonzalez

Graduate Student
B.S., University of the Incarnate Word M.S., University of Oregon Email:

The loss of both p53 and NF1 tumor suppressor genes is sufficient to promote glioma formation in mouse models while the loss of either is not. I am interested in elucidating the individual roles of these TSGs in gliomagenesis, by introducing each TSG into tumor cells in cell culture system and in vivo mouse models.

Tiffany Shand

Graduate Student
B.A., Chemistry, Brooklyn College CUNY Email:

I am interested in studying the signaling pathways in brain tumor cells that promote proliferation and survival.

Undergraduate Student

Alyssa Kelder

Undergraduate Researcher

Education: Undergraduate student at UVa
Research Interest: I am interested in understanding the genetic mutations underlying glioma formation, and how inhibition of downstream proteins may slow tumor progression.

Former Lab Members

Brit Ventura, PhD

former graduate student

Chong Liu, PhD

Research Scientist

Pitia Flores Ledur

visiting graduate student

Sarah Alberstein

undergraduate researcher