April 2022 – welcome our lab’s newest member, Dr. Xian Zhou

Xian will join a multi-disciplinary team to study immune engagement prior to malignancy in triple-negative breast cancer

April 2022 – Alexys Riddick won the prize for “Best Basic Science Research Poster Presentation”!

Congratulations Alexys!!! Alexys Riddick doctoral student in Dr. Hui Zong’s lab won the prize for “Best Basic Science Research Poster Presentation” at the Department of Pathology’s 18th Annual Research Day…

February 2022 – Bing’s paper on zebrafish MADM system got accepted in PNAS

This cutting-edge zebrafish model allows single-cell gene knockout and dual lineage tracing studies in real time

January 2022 – our MPI R01 with Kevin Janes lab started

This grant supports a multi-disciplinary team to study how immune cells shape the pre-malignant progression of triple-negative breast cancer

July 2021 – Yen’s DoD grant on brain tumor immunology just started

Yen plans to use a well-tolerated bio-agent to fundamentally improve the hospitability to T cells in brain tumors to enable effective immunotherapy

June 2021 – Double Hoo Award for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the Zong Lab!

Congratulations to Yen Nguyen, a graduate student in our lab who is mentoring the research of Sai Gajulain, an undergraduate student, also in our lab. Both won the "Double Hoo…

May 2021 – Hutcheson Award for Undergraduate Research!

Congratulations to Timour Abduhalikov in our lab who won the Hutcheson Award for his research on glial cell funcitons in the brain. It's great to have you back Timour.

October 2020 – Ray Zeng’s Elsa U Pardee Foundation grant started

Can we engage the immune system to prevent triple negative cancer?

August 2020 – Tiffany Terry’s paper was accepted!

The final three months made such a big difference. Keep pushing, and you will prevail!!!