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February 2020 – Maojin Yao, Brit Ventura, and Ying Jiang’s Cell paper was published!


It took us quite some time to delineate the 3-component TME in medulloblastoma, but was well worth the wait! Hooray to the team!

March 2019 – Dr. Ying Jiang delivered a great talk at Keystone Symposium on Innate Immunity!


She presented our project on an intricate TME network in brain tumor that involves microglia and astrocytes.

March 2019 – Eli and Ray’s grant on ovarian cancer prevention got awarded!


We got awarded a pilot grant from the Rivkin Foundation, with the goal to test ovarian cancer prevention efficacy in our MADM model.

February 2019 – Yen Nguyen is our lab’s newest member!


Yen joined our lab for her thesis work to study the roles of tumor-associated microglia in brain tumors.

October 2016 – Pitia’s paper published!


Congratulations to Pitia Ledur for the publication of her paper in Neuro-Oncology, the Society Journal for the field!