Latest News

August 2018 – Tiffany’s getting married!

Congratulations to Tiffany Shand for her wedding with Jonathan Terry on August 23 in Atlanta!


August 2018 – Jungeun’s new grant on glioma treatment started

Congratulations to Dr. Jungeun Kim for the start of a Schiff Foundation grant to test combinatorial treatment strategies against glioma, in collaboration with BJ Purow’s lab.


July 2018 – Bing’s new grant on zebrafish cancer model started

Congratulations to Dr. Bing Xu for the start of a NIH R21 to establish a zebrafish MADM system to watch tumor initiation & tumor-TME interactions in realtime, in collaboration with Sarah Kucenas’ lab.


July 2018 – Ray & Ping’s new grant on breast cancer prevention started

Congratulations to Ray Zeng and Ping He for the start of a Basser Foundation grant to study breast cancer early detection and prevention with the MADM mouse model.

June 2018 – Welcome Fabiola!

Welcome to Fabiola Sotomayor from Puerto Rico, joining the Summer Research Internship Program at UVa.

June 2018 – Ray passes his qualifying exam!

Congratulations to Ray Zeng for successfully passing his qualifying exam in one shot – well done!

May 2018 – Jungeun has a new baby!

Congratulations to Dr. Jungeun Kim for her new baby!

May 2018 – Welcome Bryan!

Welcome to Bryan Nolasco, our newest undergraduate researcher!

March 2018 – Goodbye to Maojin!

Goodbye and good luck to Dr. Maojin Yao for finishing his postdoctoral training in our lab and starting his independent job!

February 2018 – Phil’s paper is published!

Congratulations to Phil Gonzales for the publication of his paper in Glia, the top journal in the field of glia biology!