Derek Dube, 2010 Recipient of the Wagner Prize

Derek Dube
Ph.D. in Microbiology, Spring 2010
Judy White Lab

“Ebolavirus Entry: Cell adhesion-dependent control of viral tropism”

In the laboratory of Dr. Judith White, Derek’s work has focused on the initial stage of viral entry. Employing cell culture systems, Derek recognized a role for cellular adhesion in the regulation of ebolavirus tropism. He showed that cells that grow in suspension (including lymphocytes) formerly thought to lack an ebolavirus receptor actually sequester a receptor intracellularly, and provided evidence that upon cell adhesion the receptor can be translocated to the cell surface. These results revealed a novel means of regulating viral tropism that is likely of pathological importance for ebolavirus infection. Derek has presented his work at two meetings of the American Society of Virology and, to this point, is the first author on two, and co-author on two, published studies.