Fall 2013 Seminars

MIC Seminars – Fall Semester 2013

Date Speaker Host
September 4 Denis M. Tebit, PhD
Myles Thaler Center for AIDS and Human Retrovirus Research
Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology
University of Virginia

At the Center of the Storm: Influence of HIV Fitness on global HIV diversity, drug resistance and disease progression
David Rekosh, PhD, Marie-Louise Hammarskjold, MD, PhD
September 11 Wade C. Winkler, PhD
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
University of Maryland

Structure and function of metalloregulatory RNAs
Ann Beyer, PhD
September 18 Monthly Graduate Student Seminar

David Lowe (Glomski Lab)

In vivo bottlenecks in B. anthracis infections: potentials and pitfalls

Peter Krueger (Hahn Lab)

The inhibitory receptor NKG2A on NK cells controls CD8+ T cell responses to hepatic viral infection
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD
September 25
JHl Conf. Center
Seventh Annual Robert J. Kadner Distinguished Lecture in Microbiology

Ferric C. Fang, M.D.
Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology
Adjunct Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases)
Director, Harborview Medical Center Clinical Microbiology Laboratory
University of Washington School of Medicine

Two Tales of Salmonella— From PhoP to IceT
Melissa Kendall, PhD, Alison Criss, PhD, Ian Glomski, PhD
October 2 Channing J. Der, Ph.D.
Sarah Graham Kenan Distinguished Professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Target Ras: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Mike Weber, PhD
October 9 Goutham Narla, M.D., Ph.D.
Pardee-Gerstacker Assistant Professor in Cancer Research Department of Medicine Case Western Reserve University Harrington Scholar Institute for Transformative Molecular Medicine

Small molecule based approaches to reactivate tumor suppressor proteins for cancer treatment
David Brautigan, PhD
October 17-18 Cancer Cell Signaling Symposium October 17 and 18 – hosted by the Cancer Center
October 23 Monthly Graduate Student Seminar

Jennifer Thompson (Jay Brown Lab)

The role of coatomer in the HSV1 lifecycle

William Nash (Mike Brown Lab)

The role of licensed NK cells in regulating inflammation and supporting DC populations during viral infection
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD
October 30 Thomas P. Loughran, MD

Director of the University of Virginia Cancer Center
F. Palmer Weber-Smithfield Foods Professor of Oncology Research and Professor of Medicine

Pathogenesis of LGL leukemia
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD
November 6 Reuben S. Harris, PhD
Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics
University of Minnesota

Carcinogenesis fueled by enzyme-catalyzed DNA cytosine deamination
Lou Hammarskjold, MD, PhD
November 13 Jerry Edward Chipuk, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Oncological Sciences
Department of Dermatology
The Tisch Cancer Institute
The Metabolism Institute
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Life and Death Decisions Involving Mitochondria
David Kashatus, PhD
November 20 10AM
BIMS Education Center McKim Hall Rm 1023


M. Stephen Trent, PhD
Molecular Biosciences University of Texas, Austin

“It’s what’s on the outside that counts: The impact of remodeling the Gram-negative bacterial surface”
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD
November 27 Thanksgiving Break – no seminar
December 2
10am in Jordan 1-14
Glenn Cruse, PhD
Immunology Faculty Candidate

Novel roles for the recently identified MS4A gene
family in protein trafficking and immune cell signaling
Timothy P. Bender, PhD
December 4 10AM
BIMS Education Center, McKim Hall Rm 1023
Brian Ruffell, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Oregon Health and Science University
Cancer Immunology Faculty Candidate

“Macrophage regulation of the anti-tumor immune response during chemotherapy”


Victor H. Engelhard, PhD
December 9

10am in Jordan 1-17

Timothy Hand, PhD Immunology Faculty Candidate Seminar


‘Long-term immune consequences of gastrointestinal infection’
Timothy P. Bender, PhD
moved – please check for updates Monthly Graduate Student Seminar

Zegbeh Kpadeh (Hoffman)

“Deciphering the Functional Role of Oxidoreductase DsbA2 inLegionella pneumophila

Ali Radjavi (Kipnis)

“An immunoprotective function of itch sensation”
Kodi Ravichandran, PhD
December 11

10:00am in Jordan 1-14

Kok-Fai Kong, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
La Jolla Institute of Allergy & Immunology
Cancer Immunology Faculty Candidate

“PKC-mediated T-cell costimulatory signaling and functions at the immunological synapse”
Victor H. Engelhard, PhD
December 1810:00am in MR5 Rm 1041 Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology NYU School of Medicine
Cancer Immunology Faculty Candidate
Victor H. Engelhard, PhD