Fall 2007 Seminars

 Seminars Fall 2007
 Date  Speaker  Host
 9/5  Faculty Meet-and-Greet with 1st and 2nd year Micro, MII and MSTP students

Location: MR5 2001/5


 Dept. of Microbiology


Jordan Hall Conference Center

First Annual Robert J. Kadner Distinguished Lecture in Microbiology
Thomas J. Silhavy, Ph.D.
Warner-Lambert Park-Davis Professor of Molecular Biology
Department of Molecular Biology
Princeton University

“Outer Membrane Biogenesis in Gram-Negative Bacteria” 

 J. T. Parsons, Ph.D.
 9/19  Paul Anderson, M.D. Ph.D.
K. Frank Austen Professor of Medicine
Division of Rheumatology, Immunology and Allergy
Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Polysomes, P-bodies and Stress Granules: Spacial Control of mRNA Translation/Decay”

 Deborah Lannigan, Ph.D.
Lou Hammarskjold, M.D. Ph.D.
 10/3 Mark Ginsberg
Distinguished Professor of Medicine

“Integrin Activation”

 Martin Schwartz, Ph.D.

2:00 pm

 Thomas E. Wellems
Chief, Laboratory of Malaria and Vector Research

“Malaria:  Drug Resistance and Disease Virulence Determinants from Studies in the Laboratory and the Field”

 William Petri, MD, Ph.D.
Jordan Hall Conference Center
 Dr. Siddhartha Mahanty, M.D., M.P.H.
Staff Physician
Helminth Immunology Section
Laboratory of Parasitic Disease NIAID, NIH

“Translational research in the
developing world: Collaborative  studies on malaria and helminth infections in West Africa”

 Anjeanette Roberts, Ph.D.
 10/24  Dr. Peter Henson, Ph.D.
Departments of Pathology and
National Jewish Medical and Research
University of Colorado Health Sciences

“Responses to apoptotic cells” 

 Kodi Ravichandran,   Ph.D.
 10/31 Dr. Paul Randazzo, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Investigator
Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology
Center for Cancer Research
National Cancer Institute 

“AZAP family Arf GAPs in structures that mediate cell adhesion and movement”

 Kodi Ravichandran,   Ph.D.
 11/7  Dr. Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology
North Carolina State University

“Signaling by the MAPKKK TAK1 in
Immunity, Stress and Skin Homeostasis”

 David Brautigan, Ph.D.
 11/14  Michael P. Rout,
Associate Professor
Rockefeller University, New York

“Nuclear Pore Complexes – The Hole Story?”  

 Lucy Pemberton, Ph.D.
 11/28  Ila Singh, M.D. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Columbia University

“A Genetic Dissection of Retroviral Replication”

 Judith White, Ph.D.
 12/6 Tiffany Hamm, Ph.D.
Director for  HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care  and Treatment Program, Division of Retrovirology – U.S. Military  HIV Research Program Walter Reed Army Institute for Research

“Supporting HIV Care and Treatment in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda”  

A Seminar in Microbiology and Global Health

Lou Hammerskjöld, MD, Ph.D.

David Rekosh, Ph.D.

 12/12 David Solit, M.D.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

“Genetic Predictors of Dependence on the MAP Kinase Pathway in Cancer “

 Mike Weber, Ph.D.