Fall 2005 Seminars

Fall 2005

Date Speaker, Affiliation, Title Host, Location
9/21 Helen Piwnica Worms, Ph.D;
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Investigator
Washington University School of Medicine Professor, Department of Cell Biology/Physiology and Internal Medicine

Mammalian Cell Cycle and Checkpoint Control

Ian Macara, Ph.D.
10/19 Beth Kirkpatrick, MD;
Associate Professor of Medicine, U. of Vermont, College of Medicine, Infectious Diseases Unit

Human Immune Responses to CryptosporidiumInfections

William A. Petri, MD, Ph.D
10/26 Dr. Paul Russell, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular Biology,
Scripps Research Institute

Recognition of Damaged DNA by Checkpoint Proteins

Brautigan,  Ph.D.,
grad. students

Seminar hosted and sponsored by
Center for Cell Signaling

and Department of Microbiology

11/2 Dr. Connie Cepko,

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Harvard Medical School, Department of Genetics
Cell fate determination in the vertebrate retina

Host:  Doug DeSimone
sponsored by:  CDB Graduate Program, Neuroscience Graduate Program, and the Morphogenesis and Regenerative Medicine Institute

note:   coffee at 3:45pm

location:  Jordan Hall Conference Center

11/16 Wes Sundquist, Ph.D. :
HIV Assembly and Budding
joint Cell Biology and Microbiology seminar.
Judy White, Ph.D
Angela L. Zarling, Ph.D.
Novel Identification of Phosphopeptides as Potential Targets for Cancer Immunotherapy
JT Parsons, Ph.D.

Jordan Hall Rm 1-17,
coffee at 3:45pm,
seminar at 4pm

11/30 Igor Olekhnovich, Ph.D.
Research Asst. Professor Candidate
JT Parsons, Ph.D.
12/7 Sally Parsons, Ph.D.
Distinguished Lecture Series

c-Src/EGF receptor synergy: Implications for drug resistance in breast and prostate cancer

Kodi Ravichandran, Ph.D.
12/14 Mitch Smith, Ph.D.
Distinguished Lecture Series
“Molecular Genetics of Chromatin Structure and Function”
Kodi Ravichandran, Ph.D.