Gene Expression

The faculty in cell division and gene expression study basic processes common to all cells. These processes include Chromatin structure and remodeling, DNA repair, Replication and segregation at mitosis, Regulation of gene transcription, RNA processing and transport, Membrane transport.  The members of this group are an important part of the campus-wide Cell and Molecular Biology Program and are also key members of the Center for Cell Signaling.


Herve Agaisse

Agaisse, Hervé

Genetic approaches, cellular and molecular biology of intracellular pathogen infection

Timothy Bender

Bender, Timothy P.

Regulation of gene expression during lymphocyte development

David Brautigan

Brautigan, David L.

Cell signaling in Cancer and Ciliopathies.

Jay Fox

Fox, Jay W.

Basement Membrane Structure and Metalloproteinases

Daniel Gioeli

Gioeli, Daniel

Signal transduction in cancer cells


Hammarskjöld, Marie-Louise

Post Transcriptional Gene Regulation and the Molecular Biology of Human Retroviruses

Lucy Pemberton

Pemberton, Lucy F.

Nuclear Transport in Chromatin Assembly and Transcriptional Regulation

David Rekosh

Rekosh, David M.

Human Immunodeficiency; Virus Gene Expression

M. Smith

Smith, M. Mitchell

Functional Genomics of Histones, Chromatin, and Protein Acetylation Signaling in Cancer and the Cell Cycle