Kashatus Lab

The Kashatus Lab, within the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biolog (MIC), is interested in the regulation of mitochondrial dynamics and how alterations in mitochondrial fission and fusion affect basic cellular physiology. We explore these questions using a wide variety of approaches, from cell biology to mouse genetics to bioinformatics with the ultimate goal of identifying how mitochondrial dynamics and metabolic function impact the progression of cancer and other diseases. 

Mitochondrial Dynamics and Cancer

We have identified a link between mutations in Ras, which are found in one third of human tumors, and mitochondrial fission. We are currently exploring how tumors use changes in mitochondrial shape to reprogram their metabolism and fuel rapid proliferation.

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research image depicting lipid droplets

Lipid Droplets and Nutrient Deprivation

Cells in the body regularly encounter differences in the availability of key nutrients and respond with a variety of metabolic changes. We have identified a new pathway regulating the growth of lipid droplets during nutrient deprivation and are currently working to explore how these unique organelles contribute to both normal and pathological physiology.

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Analysis of Mitochondrial Dynamics and Cellular Physiology

We are developing new tools to analyze mitochondrial structure and function across a wide variety of cells and tissues in order to identify novel relationships between mitochondria and the physiological changes associated with cancer and other metabolic diseases.

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@AnnaCliffe1 @LabDittmer @AnnaCliffe1 sharing images through @MitoGenie's Data Stories is a breeze.
Not only does it allow you to share your data, but you can add notes, comments, and more with just a few clicks. Indeed @kashatuslab has already published a few data stories on Mitogenie

Join us in congratulating the 2022 Dean's Faculty Award recipients! They’ll be honored at a special ceremony in the spring. @DeanMKibbe @UVaSOMFacDev @uvahealthnews #UVASchoolofMedicine http://ow.ly/5kIS50M3JH7

Excited to announce that the SASCO Center was recognized with a Research Collaboration Award from the UVA Vice-President of Research: https://research.virginia.edu/initiatives/research-achievement-awards/2022-award-winners
Congratulations to the team!

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