How to Invite a Speaker – NEW


  • Check for open dates – please see links to the left
  • DO NOT CONFIRM THE DATE and please check with seminar coordinator to ensure that the date that appears to be open
  • Dates can be held tentatively for a short time


  • We will send out invitation and speaker info form
  • We will reserve the flight, book hotel, arrange taxi to and from airport – let us know if your seaker needs special arrangements
  • Host will be cc’d on the correspondence
  • A Thank You letter will be sent to speaker after the talk

Responsibility of MIC Host

  • The host is responsible for taking care of the speaker during the visit, including arranging the meeting schedules and meals
  • There is an MIC student lunch with the speaker Wednesdays from 12:00PM-1:30PM.  Please plan accordingly
  • Bring receipts to Lynn McCutcheon for reimbursement


  • The department is limited by the University and state guidelines as to how much may be reimbursed and spent for meals
  • Dinner may not exceed $65 inclusive of tax and gratuity per person (max:  3 UVA faculty plus speaker)
  • The maximum reimbursement for breakfast is $15 and lunch is $20 per person (tax and gratuity included in those figures)
  • We will reimburse for one bottle of wine for a dinner
  • Cost of alcohol in general cannot exceed cost for food
  • Excessive amounts will not be reimbursable
  • See staff if you have questions

International Speakers

  • We need a copy of the I-94 or US customs entry stamp page in the passport and of the picture page of the passport while the speaker is here. The University has a very strict set of rules that we need to follow so that the speaker can get a honorarium and reimbursement.  There will be additional paper work.

Co-sponsored Seminars

  • Any co-sponsored seminar has to be approved by the seminar director and/or Chair of MIC
  • With respect to student program (i.e. training grant etc.) seminars, the BIMS/GPO budget is perfect for that and not department funds
  • Do not assume that MIC will share cost unless is has been agreed to by email and approved by seminar director or Chair of MIC