Selecting Faculty for an MIC Dissertation Committee

Each student and his/her mentor should select BIMS Faculty to serve on the student’s Dissertation committee as soon as possible.  Each Dissertation committee must be comprised of at least five BIMS Faculty including the student’s mentor. For the MIC student at least three of these must have a primary faculty appointment in MIC. At least oneprimary MIC faculty (not including the mentor) must be tenured. In addition, one of your committee members must be from “outside” the MIC Department and is considered to be the Dean’s representative. This “outside” committee member must have an appointment (primary or secondary) in a BIMS PhD degree-granting program at the University of Virginia. This “outside” member may have a secondary (but not primary) appointment in MIC. All Dissertation committees must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies or a member of the MIC Academic Advisory Committee before the student contacts any faculty to participate on the committee. For the qualifying exam, one primary MIC faculty from the committee should be selected by the student and mentor to serve as the first-reader/chairperson. The chairperson will be the primary liaison between the student and the student’s committee.