Dissertation Research and Committee Meetings

Committee Meeting Requirements

Following the Qualifying Exam, students are responsible for scheduling regular Dissertation Committee meetings and must have at least one committee meeting every 12 months to remain in good academic standing. For committee meetings MIC students are required to send a 1-page summary of their progress to their entire committee a few days before the annual committee meeting.

It is necessary that all students  let Amy Anderson (aea5c) know well in advance when they have a committee meeting arranged.  Two forms need to be sent to the student’s chairperson before the meeting.

Dissertation Research

During the 4th or the beginning of the 5th year of graduate studies each MIC student will present their research to members of the BIMS research community in an MIC Departmental Seminar.

Each MIC student is expected to have a sufficient body of work, that includes at least one first-author, peer-reviewed and accepted research publication prior to the private defense of the dissertation with the thesis committee. While a student may seek permission from his/her Dissertation Committee to begin writing the final dissertation prior to formal acceptance of the paper (such as a time when a submitted manuscript is under review or being revised), the private defense cannot occur before formal acceptance of the manuscript. Any exceptions to this rule must be applied for in writing by the Mentor to the MIC Academic Advisory Committee after gaining prior approval from the student’s Dissertation Committee.

As soon as the Dissertation Committee has given the student permission to write the dissertation, the student should contact Amy Anderson.
Policies and procedures for monitoring of student progress are available on the BIMS Academic Progress and Achievement Committee (BAPAC) website here.