Curriculum Requirements

Graduate student in lab bent over his work Based on the thesis lab selection and the specific thesis project a student’s mentor will direct the student’s course-selection to fulfill MIC Ph.D. and NIH training program requirements. The basic requirements for a Microbiology degree are as follows:

  • 12-week core course (BIMS 6000) (Fall semester)
  • Four 6-week modules. At least two of these modules must be MIC-specific modules. (Spring and Fall semesters, see below)
  • Research Ethics (BIMS 7100) –  (Spring semester)
  • MIC Colloquium course (MICR 8006) where primary literature is read, presented, and discussed with classmates and faculty (Spring Semester)
  • Attendance at the weekly MIC Departmental Seminars – Seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 pm. Attendance of all students in program is expected, and is required for first and second years

Various 6-week modular courses may be taken concurrently and/or sequentially, potentially allowing all course work to be completed in the first year of graduate studies, or students and their mentors may choose to spread the course work over the second and third years.

Students can formally enroll in classes offered by BIMS/SOM basic science departments and across Grounds throughout their tenure as a graduate student.  But, please get permission from your mentor before enrolling in any formal coursework outside of your degree requirements.

Committee Meeting Requirements:

BIMS students are required to have at least one committee meeting every 12 months to remain in good academic standing and this is especially important now that the Individual Development Plan (IDP) is in place.

For committee meetings after the Qualifier, MIC students will be required to send a 1-page summary of their progress to their entire committee a few days before the annual committee meeting.

It is important for all students to let Amy Anderson (aea5c) know in advance when they have a committee meeting arranged.  Two forms will need to be sent to the student’s chairman before the meeting.  This won’t happen on time if we don’t know about it and the meeting could be delayed.