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VA Program
Last Name
Degree Year
Current Employer or Institution
Microbiology Abshire 2010 Center for Research in Reproduction Research Assistant
Microbiology Adams (Walowsky) 2002 Silpada Designs Sterling Silver Jewelry Royersford, PA Senior Independent Representative
Microbiology Adang 2007 Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia/U Penn Resident, Pediatric Neurology
Microbiology Agersborg 2000 Associated Diagnostic Pathologists, Inc. Hematopathology Senior Staff Pathologist
Microbiology Alexander 2004 Emory University School of Medicine Medical Student
Microbiology Ark 2010 US Department of Defense Analyst
Microbiology Axelrod 2012 University of Virgina Research Associate
Microbiology Bachmann (Henrich) 2004 Virginia Commonwealth University Pathology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Bakin 2002 Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein, Fox, Attorney at Law Biotechnology/Chemical Group Registered Patent Agent
Microbiology Barekzi 2009 Old Dominion Adjunct Faculty
Microbiology Beck 2005 Tennessee Technological University Assistant Professor
Microbiology Bedard (Glowczewski) 2000 DePauw University Department of Biology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Bernaciak 2009 NIAID/NIH Program Officer
Microbiology Bird 2003 Max-Planck Institute of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics – Dresden Hyman Lab Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Blackwell 2008 Virginia Intermont College Assistant Professor
Microbiology Boettner 2006 University of Miami Research Assistant Professor
Microbiology Brannan 2005 UC San Francisco Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Brecher 2011 Wadsworth Center Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Brinkman 2010 University of Virginia Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Bruce-Staskal 2002 Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC, Gaithersburg, MD Research Scientist
Microbiology Burnham 1999 Vascular Vision Pharmaceuticals Research Scientific Consultants
Microbiology Buss 2010 University of Nebraska Medical Center Clinical Microbiology Fellow (CPEP)
Microbiology Calvert 2007  Bioimaging & Biocomputing at Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory Head
Microbiology Cao 1995 Sanofi-aventis Evaluation and Expertise, Prospective and Strategic Initiatives Director
Microbiology Carroll 2010 Notre Dame of Maryland University Visiting Assistant Professor
Microbiology Carson 2002 Intrexon Corporation Transcriptional Therapeutics Associate Director
Microbiology Carson (Peavy) 2002 South University Online Biology Adjunct Instructor
Microbiology Carter-Johnson 2003 University of Michigan School of Law Assistant Professor
Microbiology Chang 1998 University of Maryland Medical Center Diagnostic Radiology Resident
Microbiology Chen 1999 Obstetrix Medical Group of California and Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose, CA OB/GYN Hospitalist
Microbiology Chen 2006 National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China Assistant Investigator
Microbiology Cheung 2003 University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Pathology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Chimento 2004 Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. Antibody Validation Group Leader
Microbiology Cohen 2012 University of Virginia MD/PhD Student
Microbiology Colella 2000 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Office of Technology Transfer Technology Manager
Microbiology Collins 2007 Children’s Hospital of Boston/Harvard Resident Fellow, Pediatrics
Microbiology Copeland 2010 US Army Medical Research and Material Command Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Crawford 2011 University of Colorado Denver Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Crotzer 2000 Indiana University Microbiology & Immunology Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Cruise 2005 University of Virginia Pathologist
Microbiology Dahl 1997 Washington State University School of Molecular Biosciences Assistant Professor
Microbiology Debakker 2006 Miltenyi Biotec Flow Cytometry Specialist
Microbiology DeBerry 2000 Patent Examiner Patent Office United States Patent Office
Microbiology Decker 2007 Duke University Postdoctoral Associate
Microbiology Deeble 2002 Mary Baldwin College, Stauton, Virginia Biology Associate Professor
Microbiology Del Rosario 2008 Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University Medical School Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Demory 2008 Vanderbilt University Postdoctoral Fellow, Gastroenterology Division
Microbiology Digiandomenico 2005 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Du 1998 Yale University Cell Biology & Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Specialist
Microbiology Dube 2010 University of Michigan Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Dukes 2001 Charlottesville, VA Carlton’s Restauranteur
Microbiology Duley 2009 NIH/Rocky Mountain Laboratories Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Eisen-Vandervelde 2004 Boston, MA Caring for Children Not Currently Employed
Microbiology Eisinger 2009 University of Pennsylvania Research Associate
Microbiology Ernst 1996 University of Maryland, Baltimore Microbiology and Immunology Associate Professor
Microbiology Esser 1997 Merck Research Laboratories Vaccines and Biologics Research
Microbiology Fan 1998 ChemoCentryx Inc. Mountain View, California Staff Scientist
Microbiology Fawcett (Johnson) 2004 Small Children At Home Family Leave
Microbiology Fuller 1999 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Senior Researcher
Microbiology Fuller-Schaefer 2004 University of Cincinnati Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Garza 1997 University of Texas, El Paso Biological Sciences and Border Biomedical Research Center Associate Professor
Microbiology Ge 2009 University of Virginia Research Associate
Microbiology Giles 2009 NCI/NIH Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Groehler 2010 Cook Medical Regulatory Scientist
Microbiology Gullo 2000 Singapore General Hospital Research Assistant Professor and Senior Research Scientist
Microbiology Guo 2010 Vaccine Research Center, NIH Research Fellow
Microbiology Guzik 2001 Advantagene Biotechnology Life Sciences Entrepreneur
Microbiology Hahn 2008 University of Alabama, Birmingham Internal Medicine
Microbiology Hall 2010 Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Resident Fellow
Microbiology Hamm 1999 Program Director, HIV/AIDS Prevention, US Military HIV Research Program HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Director
Microbiology Hampton 2003 Food and Drug Administration Microbiologist
Microbiology Hang 2010 University of Virginia 1st Year Law Student
Microbiology Hao 2007 Case Western University Resident
Microbiology Hargadon 2007 Hampton-Sydney College Assistant Professor
Microbiology Hassman 2010 Case Western Reserve University Post Doctoral Scholar
Microbiology Holaska 2001 University of Chicago Cardiology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Huczko 1997 University of California San Francisco Anesthesia and Preoperative Care Assistant Clinical Professor
Microbiology Hudson 2006 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Director of Development Management
Microbiology Hufford 2011 University of Virginia Research Associate
Microbiology Hulse 2008 Northwestern University Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Ishizawar 2004 Brigham & Women’s Hospital Internal Medicine Clinical Fellow in Medicine
Microbiology Iwanicki 2008 Harvard Medical School Research Fellow in Cell Biology
Microbiology Jameson-Lee 2012 University of Virginia Research Assistant
Microbiology Jefferson 2001 Virginia Commonwealth University Department Microbiology & Immunology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Jensen 2008 University of Florida Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Jessen 1999 Private Practice Grand Forks, ND Neurologist
Microbiology Jiang 2010 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Johnson 2005 University of Michigan School of Medicine Research Associate
Microbiology Karginov 2005 University of Illinois at Chicago Assistant Professor
Microbiology Kassel 2008 Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis Resident Fellow
Microbiology Keck 2011 Gladstone/UCSF Postdoc
Microbiology Keepers 2007 Microbiology Laboratory at Cerexa Manager
Microbiology Kesler 2007 Massachusetts General Hospital Research Fellow
Microbiology Kinley 2002 PRA International Pharmaceuticals Senior Project Manager
Microbiology Kintz 2011 University of York Research Associate
Microbiology Kremer 2007 University of Pennsylvania Resident, Internal Medicine
Microbiology Kulesza 2001 University of Colorado, Denver Microbiology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Lassen 2009 SRI International Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Lawrence 2004 DVC Healthcare Inc. Medical Writer
Microbiology Leach 2003 Progenra. Inc. Pharmaceuticals Staff Scientist
Microbiology Liechti 2012 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Lindsay 2002 Johns Hopkins University Pediatrics Assistant Professor
Microbiology Linford 2011 University of Virginia Research Scientist
Microbiology Liu 2004 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Cell and Molecular Physiology Research Associate
Microbiology Liu 2000 University of Kentucky Department of Pediatrics Assistant Professor
Microbiology Lohia 2011 Biotechnology Research
Microbiology Lu 2004 University of Pennsylvania Department of Medicine Research Associate
Microbiology Luckey 2000 Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital Pathology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Ludwig 2011 University of California San Diego Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Lukens 2008 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Microbiology Ly 2009 Cell Therapy at Irvine Scientific Product Manager
Microbiology Mackey 2004 University of Virginia Center for Public Health Genomics Assistant Professor
Microbiology March 2002 NIH/NIAID, Bethesda, MD Molecular and Cellular Immunology Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Martin 2007 Thomas Jefferson University Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Mauldin 2012 UVA Health System Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Meller 2008 Cleveland Clinic Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Mingo 2012 University of Virginia Post-doctoral Research Associate
Microbiology Moorman 2003 East Tennessee State University and Quillen Virginia Medical Center Internal Medicine and Chief of Infectious Diseases Professor
Microbiology Moreno Aquino 2009 Biotech Practice, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein and Fox, P.L.L.C. Technical Specialist
Microbiology Mosammaparast 2004 Brigham and Womens’ Hospital Pathology Clinical Fellow
Microbiology Mosse 2000 Vanderbilt University Pathology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Murphy 2000 UC San Francisco Cancer Research Institute, Mark Israel’s Lab Associate Specialist
Microbiology Nemergut 2001 Johns Hopkins University Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine Clinical Fellow
Microbiology Nichols 2006 Cytek Development, Inc. Western Regional Director
Microbiology Nichols 2011 Lockheed Martin Scientific Writer/Analyst
Microbiology Obeng 2011 Boston, MA Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology O’Connor 2005 Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic Research Associate
Microbiology Olivieri 2005 Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute Staff Scientist
Microbiology O’Neill 2005 Chapel Hill, NC Clinical Pathology & Anatomic Pathology
Microbiology Owen 2007 University of Virginia Research Associate, Cell Biology
Microbiology Park 2004 Battelle Memorial Institute Biological Research Scientist
Microbiology Park 2010 UCLA Post-doctoral Research Associate
Microbiology Pierce 2001 Washington University, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Internal Medicine – Pulmonary Research Associate Professor of Medicine
Microbiology Price (Webber) 1997 University of Virginia Microbiology Postdoctoral
Microbiology Prickett 2007 National Human Genome Research Research Fellow
Microbiology Pritchard 2011 UVA Clinical Research Coordinator
Microbiology Psotka 2008 San Francisco, CA Internal Medicine
Microbiology Ray 2011 INC Research Project Specialist
Microbiology Ream 2007 Winter Park Day Nursery, Orlando, FL Pre-School Teacher
Microbiology Riggins (Sunderlin) 2003 Georgetown University Washington DC Oncology Research Assistant Professor
Microbiology Robila 2006 VCU Health System Resident Doctor
Microbiology Rodriguez 2008 Washington University School of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Roof 1998 Research and Diagnostic Systems, Inc., Minneapolis Project Leader
Microbiology Samy 2004 Hoffmann-La Roche, New York Phamaceuticals Principal Scientist
Microbiology Sanchez 2010 Beckman Coulter Marketing Manager
Microbiology Sarmento 2008 Mayo Clinic Research Associate
Microbiology Scarff 2011 Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Schaeffer 1998 Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences Program Coordinator
Microbiology Schaenman 2000 Stanford University Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases Fellow
Microbiology Schell 2007 Yale University Postdoctoral Associate
Microbiology Schimmel 1997 Merck & Company, Inc. Sr. Process Scientist
Microbiology Schornberg 2008 UVA Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Schrecengost 2009 Apogee Biotechnology Senior Research Scientist
Microbiology Schuh 2009 Teacher Enrichment Program at Center for Excellence in Education Director
Microbiology Scoggins 2001 The Frist Clinic Medical Group Pulmonary Disease, Sleep Medicine, Critical Care Physician
Microbiology Shuck-Lee 2007 Walter Reed Army Medical Center Research Scientist
Microbiology Sim 2007 Stanford School of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Simon (Nolan) 2000 Food and Drug Administration Research Scientist
Microbiology Singer 2004 Batelle Memorial Institute, Charlottesville Biotechnology Research Scientist
Microbiology Singer (Earp) 2003 Battelle Memorial Institute Biological Research Principal Research Scientist
Microbiology Sloan 2012 University of Virginia MD/PhD Student
Microbiology Smith 2001 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Institutes of Biochemistry and Computational Science Lecturer and Faculty Advisor for Students
Microbiology Stadnisky 2010 Tree Star, Inc. Vice President
Microbiology Stefansson 2007 University of Iceland Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Microbiology Steigerwald-Mullen 1999 The Pediatric Center of Frederick (Maryland), LLC Pediatrician
Microbiology Stevens 2008 Northwestern University Resident, Internal Medicine
Microbiology Stone 2007 Industry, Charlottesville, VA Research Scientist
Microbiology Su 2001 Merck & Co. Pharmaceuticals Structural Biologist
Microbiology Swartz 2007 Pikes Peak Community College Biology Faculty
Microbiology Ta 2009 Dan Gioeli’s Lab at The University of Virginia Research Associate
Microbiology Tacke 2011 La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Thomas 2005 University of Virginia Research Associate
Microbiology Tice 1999 MedImmune Inc., Gaithersburg, MD Cancer Biology Project Leader
Microbiology Tomescu 2004 University of Pennslyvania The Wistar Institute Staff Scientist
Microbiology Torok (Mitchell) 2004 Battelle Memorial Institute Research Research Scientist
Microbiology Tountas 2004 DOD Grants Administrator
Microbiology Tountas (Redlitz) 2000 Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Manager
Microbiology Trotter 2006 Biotechnology Products, Miltenyi Biotec Technical Sales Consultant
Microbiology Urban 2004 Battelle Memorial Institute Research Scientist
Microbiology Van Hoek 1997 George Mason University Microbiology and Molecular Biology Assistant Professor
Microbiology Vasudevan 2003 NIH/NIAID Immunology Laboratory/Vacine Research Center Postdoctoral
Microbiology Vincent 2012 University of Virginia Experienced Graduate Researcher in Cancer, Immunology and Infectious Disease
Microbiology Vines 1998 NSF Office of Legislative & Public Affairs
Microbiology Waggoner 2007 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Assistant Professor
Microbiology Walker-Brown 2009 Johns Hopkins Research Associate
Microbiology Walkiewicz 2010 NIH Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Wallace 2009 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Wang 2000 Case Western Reserve University Department of Genetics Assistant Professor
Microbiology Wang 2008 Harvard Medical School Postdoctoral Researcher
Microbiology Ward 2008 Duke University Research Fellow
Microbiology Waters 2001 University of Missouri, Columbia Biological Sciences Assistant Professor
Microbiology Weaver 2007 MIT Research Scientist
Microbiology Weidow (Schultz) 2000 Louisa County H.S. Science Science Teacher
Microbiology Wissinger 2006 Imperial College London Research Associate
Microbiology Woodfolk 2000 University of Virginia Allergy and Immunology Associate Professor
Microbiology Woodson 2012 UVA Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Wright 2000 IntraMed Educational Group Pharmaceuticals Associate Medical Director
Microbiology Xie 2009 CNMC Research Associate
Microbiology Yu 2004 San Diego, California Cell Applications, Inc. Research Scientist
Microbiology Yuan 2009 Lund University Group Leader
Microbiology Zecevic 2000 Lancet Journal Senior Editor
Microbiology Zhang 2003 Johns Hopkins University Molecular Biology & Genetics Postdoc Fellow
Microbiology Zhi 2009 University of Connecticut Postdoctoral Fellow
Microbiology Zhou 1995 Digital Focus, McLean VA