Shannon, John D.

John Shannon

John D. Shannon

Primary Appointment

Associate Professor of Research, Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology

Contact Information

PO Box 800734
Telephone: 434-243-9399

Research Interests

Chromatography of biological molecules, proteomics of wounds, instrumentation

Research Description

My research revolves around several techniques in protein chemistry. As Director of the Shared Instrumentation Core in the Biomolecular Research Facility, the majority of my work is providing analyses for other investigators. The most common technique I use is chromatography (HPLC and FPLC) of proteins, peptides and other molecules including nucleotides. Chromatography isolates proteins and peptides, quantitates compounds, provides some information on purity, and gel filtration estimates size. Column types used are reverse phase, ion exchange and gel filtration. Currently I perform mass determinations of intact molecules in the Mass Spectrometry Core using MALDI-TOF. In addition I oversee a fluorescent plate reader, a fluorescent gel scanner and analysis software, circular dichroism polarimeter used to gain information on the secondary structure of proteins. Research I have been involved in for some time is the structure and activity of snake venom metalloproteinases and basement membrane proteins in conjunction with Dr. Jay Fox and collaborators.

Selected Publications