Emeritus Faculty

Timothy Bender

Bender, Timothy P.

Regulation of gene expression during lymphocyte development

Ann Beyer

Beyer, Ann L.

Ribosomal RNA transcription & processing

Jay Brown

Brown, Jay C.

Structure and Assembly of the Herpes Simplex Virus Capsid.

David Brautigan

Brautigan, David L.

Cell signaling in Cancer and Ciliopathies.

Marcie McDuffie

McDuffie, Marcie

Genetic analysis of autoimmunity

J. Thomas Parsons

Parsons, J. Thomas

Adhesion Signaling in Normal, Cardiovascular and Cancer Cells

Sarah (Sally) Parsons

Parsons, Sarah (Sally) J.

Molecular mechanisms of Src family tyrosine kinases in mitogenesis, tumorigenesis, and neuronal activity.

M. Smith

Smith, M. Mitchell

Functional Genomics of Histones, Chromatin, and Protein Acetylation Signaling in Cancer and the Cell Cycle

Joanna Goldberg

Goldberg, Joanna B.

Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis

Macara Ian

Macara, Ian

Cell polarity in mammary gland morphogenesis and breast cancer; mammary stem cells, asymmetric cell divisions; spindle orientation in epithelial morphogenesis and cancer; septins and DNA damage repair; genomic stability.