Research Faculty

Yongde Bao

Bao, Yongde

DNA Sequencing; Gene expression and genotyping

Stacey Guillot

Criswell, Stacey Jo

Sca7 Functions as a Component of the SAGA and SLIK HAT Complexes

Joanne Lannigan

Lannigan, Joanne

Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility

John Shannon

Shannon, John D.

Chromatography of biological molecules, proteomics of wounds, instrumentation

Nicholas Sherman

Sherman, Nicholas E.

Mass spectrometry and related techniques to elucidate primary protein sequence and post-translational modifications

Jill Slack-Davis

Slack-Davis, Jill K.

Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Ovarian Cancer Metastasis

Denis Tebit

Tebit, Denis M.

HIV diversity, evolution, fitness, drug resistance and disease progression

Wenhao Xu

Xu, Wenhao

Genetic engineering of murine research models by manipulating embryos, embryonic stem cells and germlines.

Ying Zhang

Zhang, Ying

MicroRNAs in brain tumors