Emeritus Faculty

Bender, Timothy P.
c-Myb and B-cell development

David Benjamin
Antibody structure and function

Beyer, Ann L.
Ribosomal RNA transcription & processing

David Brautigan

Brautigan, David L.
Cell signaling by protein phosphorylation

Brown, Jay C.
Structure and assembly of the Herpes Simplex Virus capsid

Goldberg, Joanna B.
Mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis

McDuffie, Marcie
Genetic analysis of autoimmunity

Macara, Ian
Cell polarity and morphogenesis

Parsons, Sarah (Sally) J.
Src family tyrosine kinases in mitogenesis, tumorigenesis, and neuronal activity

Parsons, J. Thomas
Adhesion signaling in normal, cardiovascular and cancer cells

Mitch Smith, PhD

Smith, M. Mitchell
Histone variants and transcriptional regulation