Primary Faculty in Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology

Roger Abounader

Abounader, Roger

Basic and translational brain tumor research

Herve Agaisse

Agaisse, Hervé

Genetic approaches, cellular and molecular biology of intracellular pathogen infection

Timothy Bender

Bender, Timothy P.

Regulation of gene expression during lymphocyte development

Ann Beyer

Beyer, Ann L.

Ribosomal RNA transcription & processing

Amy Bouton

Bouton, Amy H.

Signaling Pathways that Regulate Tumor Growth, Metastasis, and Response to Anticancer Agents; Adhesion Signaling In Macrophages; Bacteria-Host Cell Interactions.

David Brautigan

Brautigan, David L.

Protein Phosphorylation in Cell Signaling

Jay Brown

Brown, Jay C.

Structure and Assembly of the Herpes Simplex Virus Capsid.

Alison Criss

Criss, Alison K.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of Neisserial pathogenesis

Isabelle Derre

Derré, Isabelle

Host/pathogen Interaction - Chlamydia Infection

Daniel Engel

Engel, Daniel A.

Drug Discovery and Molecular Biology of Pathogenic RNA viruses: Influenza, Dengue and Ebola.

Victor Engelhard

Engelhard, Victor H.

Identification of MHC-restricted tumor antigens / Control of T cell homing to tumors / Role of lymphatic endothelial cells in regulating immunity and self-tolerance

Loren Erickson

Erickson, Loren D.

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of B lymphocyte function; Genetic susceptibility in systemic lupus erythematosus; Immunotherapeutics in the treatment of B cell disorders

Jay Fox

Fox, Jay W.

Basement Membrane Structure and Metalloproteinases

Young Hahn

Hahn, Young S.

Immune regulation for HCV infection and chronic liver inflammation

Marie-Louise Hammarskjöld

Hammarskjöld, Marie-Louise

Post Transcriptional Gene Regulation and the Molecular Biology of Human Retroviruses

David Kashatus

Kashatus, David F

The Role of Mitochondrial Fusion and Fission in Tumorigenesis.

Dean Kedes

Kedes, Dean H.

Human Herpes virus associated with Kaposi's Sarcoma

Melissa Kendall

Kendall, Melissa M.

Host-pathogen interactions

Ulrike Lorenz

Lorenz, Ulrike M.

Involvement of the protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP-1 in signal transduction pathways

Kwon-Sik Park

Park, Kwon-Sik

Mechanisms of tumor progression and homeostasis

Lucy Pemberton

Pemberton, Lucy F.

Nuclear Transport in Chromatin Assembly and Transcriptional Regulation

Kodi Ravichandran

Ravichandran, Kodi S.

Apoptotic cell clearance mechanisms in health and disease

David Rekosh

Rekosh, David M.

Human Immunodeficiency; Virus Gene Expression

Melanie Rutkowski

Rutkowski, Melanie

Influence of commensal microbes on immune homeostasis, anti-tumor immunity, and metastasis

M. Smith

Smith, M. Mitchell

Functional Genomics of Histones, Chromatin, and Protein Acetylation Signaling in Cancer and the Cell Cycle

Michael Weber

Weber, Michael J.

Targeting Cell Signaling for Cancer Therapy.

Hui Zong

Zong, Hui

Mouse models of brain cancers