Principal Investigator

Andrew C. Dudley, PhD

Associate Professor
Phone: 434.924.7766

Drew completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne in Australia where he worked on endothelial cell dysfunction associated with diabetic retinopathy. He was then a post doc and Instructor at Harvard Medical School & Children’s Hospital Boston and a member of the Vascular Biology Program headed by Dr. Judah Folkman. For his post doc with Dr. Michael Klagsbrun, Drew focused on the tumor microenvironment and he carried out studies to determine how endothelial cell dysfunction drives tumor progression. In December 2010, Drew started his own lab at UNC Chapel Hill where he was an Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology. In 2016, he was recruited to the University of Virginia where he is currently an Associate Professor of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology and a member of the Emily Couric Cancer Center.

Lab Members

Dae Joong Kim, PhD

Research Scientist

“My research focuses on the methylation dependent control of tumor blood vessel morphogenesis and tumor immune surveillance. I use a variety of transgenic tumor models and conditional-deletion strategies to study the cross talk between tumor endothelial cells and immune cells.”

Yu Zhan

Yu Zhang, PhD

Research Associate

“I am interested in the interactions between blood vessels and cancer cells during brain metastasis. I’m currently developing new models and using quantitative live imaging to study mechanisms of tumor-blood vessel co-option in melanoma metastasis to brain.”

Swetha Anandh, PhD Student

PhD Student

“I am interested in cross-talk between tumor-associated endothelial cells and adaptive immune cells. My major focus area is understanding how dysfunctional tumor blood vessels impair anti-tumor immunity.”

Jamie Null

Jamie Null, PhD Student

PhD Student

“My research focuses on cancer-associated fibroblast (CAFs) heterogeneity in solid tumors. I use a lineage tracing mouse model that allows us to study the spatial and temporal distribution of CAF subtypes and their progeny and their association with the vasculature in the tumor microenvironment.”


Sarah Wang, MSTP Student

MSTP Student

“I am focused on interactions between brain tropic melanoma cells and the vasculature. I am studying how cancer cells utilize vascular-derived factors to invade and spread along the surface of brain blood vessels.”

Former Lab Members

Joan Chang, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

James Dunleavey, PhD

Former Graduate Student

James McCann, PhD

Former Graduate Student

Lin Xiao, PhD

Former Graduate Student