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The Dudley Lab, associated with the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (MIC), is focused on the tumor microenvironment and mechanisms of tumor neovascularization. We use transgenic tumor models, in vivo lineage tracing strategies, and endothelial cell cultures to explore differentiation and specialization of the tumor vasculature. We are also focused on how endothelial cells, and other cell types found within the tumor microenvironment such as fibroblasts, contribute to the growth, progression, and immune surveillance of solid tumors and their metastases.


Tumor Blood Vessel

Tumor blood vessel abnormalities

Tumor associated blood vessels have irregular diameters, they are fragile, leaky, and blood flow is abnormal; there is now good evidence that these abnormalities contribute to tumor growth, metastasis, and responses to different therapies.
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Microscopic image of a tumors cell

Tumor blood vessel and tumor microenvironment heterogeneity

Endothelial cells in tumors display a spectrum of responses to TGF beta that underlies the plasticity and dysfunctional features of tumor-associated vasculature.
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Green dye to show the Mechanisms of tumor neovascularization

Mechanisms of tumor neovascularization

Solid tumors have diverse mechanisms for creating new blood vessels or utilizing the pre-existing vasculature to enable their survival.
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Excited to see our review - Therapeutic Targeting of the Tumor Microenvironment - out now in @CD_AACR!

Congratulations to Leire Bejarano & Marta Jordao for their great work on this 🤩

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How does the #lymphatic vasculature develop & from where does it originate? Teaming up with @RuhrbergLab, we discuss this in our new open access review in Angiogenesis, with insights from 🐁 + 🐠


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In their 10th Anniversary Issue, @CD_AACR features a comprehensive review on metastatsis-initiating cells and ecosystems by Joan Massagué (@LabMassague) and Karuna Ganesh (@KarunaMDPhD) @sloan_kettering


A uniform format for manuscript submission: Cell 🤓yes, please. https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(21)00073-8?dgcid=raven_jbs_etoc_email

Please join us tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET, for the #NAVBO Webinar featuring Dr. Karen Hirschi from University of Virginia! Dr. Hirschi Talk is on "Regulation of Endothelial Cell Specialization"
Details and registration are here: https://www.navbo.org/events/webinars/962-web022021

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