Category: Latest News

February 2018: Welcome to Clayton!

We welcome our new graduate student, Clayton Bishop, to the lab!

October 2017: Becky’s PNAS paper is available on line!

Please check out Becky’s paper entitled "IncV, a FFAT motif-containing Chlamydia protein, tethers the endoplasmic reticulum to the pathogen-containing vacuole.” in the early edition of PNAS. Congratulations Becky for a job well done!!

June 2017: Farewell Elli

We wish Elli the best of luck with her new position as a scribe at UVA Hospital.

May 2017: Rachel was appointed to the Infectious Diseases training grant.

Congratulations to Rachel who was selected for a year of predoctoral support by the NIH Infectious Disease Training Grant (T32 AI007046).

May 2017: Becky’s qualifying exam

Congratulations to Becky for passing her qualifying exam with flying colors!

April 2017: Road trip to Charlotte, NC!

Becky, Rachel, Eugenia and Isabelle attended the 8th Biennial Chlamydia Basic Research Society meeting. Becky was one of the runner up for best oral presentation!

February 2017: Welcome to Rachel Ende!

We welcome our new graduate student, Rachel Ende, to the lab!

February 2017: Welcome to Maria-Eugenia Cortina!

We welcome our new postdoc, Maria-Eugenia Cortina, to the lab!

July 2016: Welcome to Elli Flora

We welcome Elli as our new laboratory specialist.