Category: Latest News

November 2021: R21 Funded!

Our lab is on a roll! Thrilled to be receiving additional funding to further characterize the role of membrane contact sites between the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Chlamydia inclusion.

October 2021: Welcome Eleanor!

We welcome first year undergraduate student, Eleanor Steiner, to the lab!

August 2021: R01 Funded!

So excited to start a new project on host-pathogen interactions controlling Chlamydia developmental cycle.

July 2021: Happy Birthday Lab!

Our lab turned 6 this month. As per the Derré lab tradition, we sang, made wishes, blew up candles and enjoyed a slice of cake.

July 2021: Samantha is appointed to the ID training grant.

Congratulations to Samantha for being appointed to the NIH Infectious Disease Training Grant (T32 AI007046).

April 2021: U19 funded!

Kick off of our project "The Effects of Sex Hormones on Chlamydia Infection” part of the U19 "Structure, immunity and microbiome: Human 3D biomimetics cervicovaginal models for sexually transmitted infections…

February 2021: Covid Vaccine!

It was not without a few sweats, but our lab is now fully vaccinated!!!

February 2021: Welcome Samantha!

We welcome our new graduate student, Samantha D'Spain, to the lab!

January 2021: Congratulation Rachel!

Rachel’s paper will be featured on the cover of the January 2021 issue of Infection and Immunity.

January 2021: Happy New Year!!!!

We are SO ready to put 2020 behind us and are looking forward to returning to a normal life in 2021!