Lab News

July 2016 – Criss and Cornelissen Labs Publish in Infection and Immunity

Our collaborative research with Dr. Cynthia Cornelissen’s laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University was accepted for publication at Infection and Immunity! “Neisseria gonorrhoeae Evades Calprotectin Mediated Nutritional Immunity and Survives Neutrophil Extracellular Traps by Production of TdfH” by Sophonie Jean, Richard Juneau (Criss Lab Postdoc), Alison Criss, and Cynthia Cornelissen is available HERE.

July 2016 – Criss and Columbus Labs Publish in Biochemistry

The latest collaborative research on Opa proteins between the Criss lab and the lab of Linda Columbus, UVA Dept. of Chemistry was accepted for publication! “Neisserial Opa protein – CEACAM interactions: competition for receptors as a means for bacterial invasion and pathogenesis” will be published in Biochemistry. Congratulations to coauthors Jennifer Martin and Tsega Solomon from the Columbus Lab and Louise Ball from the Criss Lab! The manuscript is available HERE.

Rick and Jacqueline publish in Journal of Infectious Diseases

January 2015: Congratulations to Rick and Jacqueline, whose manuscript “A thermonuclease of Neisseria gonorrhoeae enhances bacterial escape from killing by neutrophil extracellular traps” was accepted at The Journal of Infectious Diseases!“ The manuscript can be accessed here.”

Jonathan publishes article in Cellular Microbiology

December 2014: Congratulations to Jonathan, whose manuscript “The lipooligosaccharide-modifying enzyme LptA enhances gonococcal defense against human neutrophils” was accepted at Cellular Microbiology! A link to the manuscript can be found here.

Brittany, Louise, and Kylene publish in Cellular Microbiology

October 2014: Congratulations to Brittany, Louise, and Kylene, whose manuscript “Opa+ Neisseria gonorrhoeae exhibits reduced survival in human neutrophils via Src family kinase-mediated bacterial trafficking into mature phagolysosomes” was accepted at Cellular Microbiology! The manuscript can be found here.

AAMC’s MedEdPORTAL Publication

June 2014 – Alison and colleague Loren Erickson published their manuscript “The Complement System and Bacterial Complement Resistance: Team-Based Learning” in AAMC’s MedEdPORTAL.  A link to the manuscript can be found here (requires registration).

Asya and Kylene publish manuscript in Infection and Immunity

January 2014

Congratulations to Asya and Kylene, whose manuscript “Assembly of NADPH oxidase in human neutrophils is modulated by the opacity-associated protein expression state of Neisseria gonorrhoeae” was accepted for publication in Infection and Immunity. This work shows that infection of neutrophils with opacity protein-negative gonococci prevents the proper assembly of the holoenzyme that generates reactive oxygen species,  to block the neutrophil oxidative burst.  The manuscript can be accessed here.

Journal of Visualized Experiments video article published

September 2013

The Journal of Visualized Experiments published Brittany and Alison’s video article, “Fluorescence microscopy methods for determining the viability of bacteria in association with mammalian cells.” The video and a PDF of the protocol can be accessed here.

mBio Publication

July 2013

Alison and former undergraduate Erin Dale contributed to “Neisseria gonorrhoeae metalloprotease NGO1686 is required for full piliation, and piliation is required for resistance to H2O2– and neutrophil-mediated killing,” which was published in the July/August 2013 issue of mBio. The article can be found here.

Journal of Bacteriology Publication

April 2013:

The manuscript “Constitutively Opa-expressing and Opa-deficient Neisseria gonorrhoeae differentially stimulate and survive exposure to human neutrophils,” by Louise and Alison, was accepted at the Journal of Bacteriology. It was published in the July 1, 2013 issue and can be accessed here.