Lab News

Published Manuscript

The manuscript “Neisseria gonorrhoeae phagosomes delay fusion with primary granules to enhance bacterial survival inside human neutrophils,” by Brittany and Alison, was accepted at Cellular Microbiology and was published in the August 2013 issue. Brittany’s image was selected for the cover! The manuscript can be found here.

UVA Infectious Diseases Training Grant!

2012: Congratulations to Jonathan Handing and Rick Juneau for appointment to the UVA Infectious Diseases Training Grant!

International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference 2012

September 2012:  Alison, Louise, Brittany, Jonathan, Asya, and Rick attended the International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference in Würzburg, Germany in September 2012.  Brittany gave a talk and Louise, Jonathan, Asya, and Rick presented posters.  Everyone enjoyed the scientific and social interactions, including the banquet at the Würzburg Residenz.