Category: Lab News

April 2019 Our manuscript with Linda Columbus’ lab on uptake of Opa-functionalized liposomes was published in Molecular Pharmaceutics.

Congratulations to Columbus lab graduate student Jason Kuhn and Criss lab research scientist Asya Smirnov for advancing this collaboration.

February 2019 Alison chaired the Mid-Atlantic Microbial Pathogenesis Meeting at Wintergreen.

Here is a photo of the Criss lab past and present who attended.

January 2019 Congratulations on Jocelyn on successfully passing her qualifier!

Here she is moving her picture to the “official” side of the MIC student bulletin board.

November 2018: Publication in Frontiers in Microbiology

The manuscript “The MtrCDE Efflux Pump Contributes to Survival of Neisseria gonorrhoeae From Human Neutrophils and Their Antimicrobial Components” was accepted for publication in Frontiers in Microbiology. Congratulations to former…

October 2018: Asya selected for Developmental Research Project Award

Congratulations to Asya, who was selected to receive a Developmental Research Project Award from the “Ecopathogenomics of Sexually Transmitted Infections” Cooperative Research Center! The CRC is funded by a NIH…

September 2018: Asya and Alison at International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference

Asya and Alison traveled to Asilomar, California to present at the International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference. Asya presented a poster, and Alison gave talks in a plenary session and at a workshop.

September 2018: Stephanie Ragland, PhD

Congratulations to newly minted PhD Stephanie! We wish her all the best as she starts her postdoc with Jon Kagan at Harvard Medical School.

August 2018: Alison judges Pandemics Simulation at the Batten School

Alison served as an expert judge for the Pandemic Simulation, hosted by the Center for Leadership Simulation and Gaming in the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at…