July 2018 – Criss Lab graduate students appointed to training grants

Congratulations to Amaris and Lacie, who were appointed to the NIH T32 Infectious Diseases Training Grant, and to Jocelyn, who was appointed to the NIH T32 Global Biothreats Training Grant! Appointments are for the 2018-2019 academic year.

June 2018 – Jacqueline’s thesis defense

Congratulations to Jacqueline, who successfully defended her PhD in the lovely Rotunda Dome Room and is now a Double Hoo! Jacqueline will reenter medical school for her 3rd year clinical rotations to complete the Medical Scientist Training Program.

June 2018 – We welcome Nana to the Criss Lab

We welcome VA-NC Alliance summer student Nana Twumasi-Ankrah to the Criss lab! Nana is a rising second-year undergraduate attending VCU and plans to major in bioinformatics. Nana will hone her computational skills on N. gonorrhoeae genome sequences while gaining wet lab experience with Neisseria and neutrophils.

June 2018 – Jacqueline’s manuscript accepted at The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Jacqueline’s manuscript, “Endocervical and neutrophil lipoxygenases coordinate neutrophil transepithelial migration to Neisseria gonorrhoeae,” was accepted at The Journal of Infectious Diseases. Congratulations Jacqueline and Mary, and to our collaborator Christophe!

May 2018 – Stephanie’s manuscript accepted at PLOS Pathogens

Stephanie’s manuscript, “Neisseria gonorrhoeae employs two protein inhibitors to evade killing by human lysozyme,” was accepted at PLOS Pathogens. Congratulations Steph, and to our collaborators Myron and Vicky!

May 2018 – Allie passes her qualifying exam

Allie passed her qualifying exam and is officially a PhD candidate in Microbiology. Congratulations, Allie!

May 2018 – Urmila and Katie graduate

Congratulations to Urmila and Katie, who graduated from UVA with their bachelor’s degrees! Urmila will attend VCU Medical School in the fall, and Katie is working at Guidepoint while making plans for future graduate-level studies.

March 2018 – Stephanie invited to talk at Keystone Cells vs. Pathogens Symposia

Stephanie was selected to give a short talk at the Keystone Symposia on Cells vs. Pathogens: Intrinsic Defenses and Counterdefenses in Monterey, California. Congratulations on a beautiful talk, Stephanie!

January 2018 – Alison was named to the 2018 class of Pinn Scholars

Alison was named to the 2018 class of Pinn Scholars, named for Vivian Pinn, the first African-American and female graduate of the UVA School of Medicine. The Pinn Scholars program rewards mid-career faculty based on their scientific expertise and contributions to the School of Medicine and to the greater research community.

November 2017 – Even more good grant news arrived

Even more good grant news arrived, with the renewal of R01 AI097312 on “Survival of Neisseria gonorrhoeae after primary human neutrophil challenge” being funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the NIH.