Aldo Nascimento in the Kashatus Lab receives external funding!

Congratulations to Aldo on receiving his own NCI Grant!  Aldo was awarded a F31 predoctoral fellowship from the National Cancer Institute for his work on "Tumor-associated physiological changes arising from Ras-induced mitochondrial fission".  The … [Read more...]

Rising 4th and 5th year MIC graduate students receive 2016 Wagner Fellowship Award

Stephanie Ragland in the Alison Criss Laboratory and CJ Anderson in the Melissa Kendall laboratory are selected to receive the Wagner Fellowship Award. They were selected by the Directors of Graduate Studies from a highly competitive pool based on … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Teoh has won the GBS Student Leadership Award

We congratulate Jeff Teoh who has won the GBS Student Leadership Award! … [Read more...]

Emily Billings has won the 2016 Jill E. Hungerford Award

Emily Billings has won the 2016 Jill E. Hungerford Award as the Outstanding Graduate Student from the GBS.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Salmonella adapts to different niches within the host as the disease progresses

The Melissa Kendall Laboratory's research on salmonella and its sensing of ethanolamine was published recently in PLoS Pathogens. Salmonella  uses ethanolamine as  a GPS to determine its location in the body and decide whether to feast and multiply … [Read more...]


[Read more...]

Welcome to Melanie Rutkowski, PhD

We would like to welcome our newest member to the department!  Melanie Rutkowski, PhD has an appointment with the UVA Cancer Center, is a full member of the Carter Immunology Center and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, … [Read more...]

Surprising Science – By chance, Thomas Braciale, MD, PhD discovered a new way to spark red blood cell production.

"Scientific discoveries are often the product of painstaking research over years, but once in a while laboratories get lucky.  Such was the case at the University of Virginia’s  Immunology Center, where an effort to better understand the immune … [Read more...]

R01 from National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) for MIC Professor Mitch Smith, PhD

Congratulations to MIC Professor MM Smith, PhD for receiving his RO1 grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) to support his research on “Tandem Tudor Domain Probes for Nanoscale Epigenetic Decoding” for the time span of … [Read more...]

We welcome Hervé Agaisse, PhD to the department

Hervé Agaisse received his PhD in Microbiology from the Pasteur Institute in France and trained as a postdoc at Harvard Medical School.  Hervé Agaisse's lab investigates genetic approaches  to the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying host … [Read more...]