Emily Billings has won the 2016 Jill E. Hungerford Award

Emily Billings has won the 2016 Jill E. Hungerford Award as the Outstanding Graduate Student from the GBS.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

R01 for Dave Kashatus, PhD from the National Cancer Institute to study the role of mitochondrial fission in pancreatic cancer!

David Kashatus, PhD has received an R01 grant titled “Exploring the role of mitochondrial fission in pancreatic tumorigenesis”. The grant will be funded by the National Cancer Institute from 07/01/2016 until 06/30/2021.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Immune Cells, Weight Control, Disease Resistance linked by DNA

The Mike Brown Laboratory in the Department of Medicine (Nephrology) at the Carter Immunology Center studies the role of genes in the immune system and has shown that many genes work together to control immune cells, tissue inflammation and even body … [Read more...]

Salmonella adapts to different niches within the host as the disease progresses

The Melissa Kendall Laboratory's research on salmonella and its sensing of ethanolamine was published recently in PLoS Pathogens. Salmonella  uses ethanolamine as  a GPS to determine its location in the body and decide whether to feast and multiply … [Read more...]

Gioeli Lab discovery could lead to advancement of prostate cancer treatment

"The researchers determined that a cellular signaling pathway that is activated in response to radiation – to halt cell division and allow repair of damage to DNA – also controls cells’ sensitivity to androgen, a male hormone that prostate cancer … [Read more...]

Undergraduate student in the Zong Lab wins poster contest

Congratulations to Alyssa Kelder for winning the best poster award in the 2015 Undergraduate Research Session held by the Department of Biology, UVa. Alyssa was mentored by Philippe Gonzalez, MIC graduate student under Hui Zong, PhD. … [Read more...]

Welcome to Melanie Rutkowski, PhD

We would like to welcome our newest member to the department!  Melanie Rutkowski, PhD has an appointment with the UVA Cancer Center, is a full member of the Carter Immunology Center and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, … [Read more...]

Surprising Science – By chance, Thomas Braciale, MD, PhD discovered a new way to spark red blood cell production.

"Scientific discoveries are often the product of painstaking research over years, but once in a while laboratories get lucky.  Such was the case at the University of Virginia’s  Immunology Center, where an effort to better understand the immune … [Read more...]

MIC researcher Kodi S. Ravichandran and his team have identified a new mechanism that has the potential to be manipulated to regulate cholesterol levels.

Fond, Chang Sup Lee, Ravichandran and colleagues have now discovered the components of the molecular machinery by which dying cells boost ABCA1 in phagocytes. They discovered that when the phagocytic receptor BAI1 engages the dying cell, this … [Read more...]

MIC Professor Timothy Bender receives School of Medicine’s Robert J. Kadner Prize for Outstanding Graduate Teaching

Congratulations to Tim Bender, PhD on receiving the 2015 Robert J. Kadner Prize for Outstanding Graduate Teaching.  This award recognizes faculty in the School of Medicine who have made outstanding and enduring contributions to teaching and mentoring … [Read more...]