Alison Criss, PhD selected as a 2018 Pinn Scholar

Congratulations to Alison Criss, PhD!  The Scholars program is named in honor of Dr. Vivian Pinn who was a graduate of the UVA School of Medicine Class of 1967. She is a member of the National Academies of Science, a fellow in the American Academy of … [Read more...]

Sho Morioka Received Kanae Foundation Grant Award

Sho Morioka, PhD in the Ravichandran lab was selected for Kanae Foundation Grant Award this year. The main goal of the project is to explore how facilitating removal of apoptotic cell benefits human health. More specifically, the project attacks … [Read more...]

MIC faculty Melanie Rutkowski, PhD receives $450,000 grant to study how the gut biome interacts with breast cancer.

“One of the underlying questions about breast cancer is why do some individuals with breast cancer develop more aggressive or metastatic disease? And why is there so much variability in the context of how their immune systems respond to these … [Read more...]

Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program Finalist!

Justin Perry, PhD in the Ravichandran Laboratory, was selected as one of 35 finalists for the Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program. The Hanna H. Gray aims to recruit and retain early-career scientists who are from gender, racial, ethnic, and other groups … [Read more...]

UVA Today Story on New UVA Global Infectious Diseases Institute, Led by MIC Associate Professor Alison Criss

The UVA Global Infectious Diseases Institute, a new pan-University Institute, will support new multidisciplinary research and educational activities to combat the most urgent and notorious infectious diseases plaguing humankind throughout the world. … [Read more...]

Sho Morioka Received Mishima Kaiun Memorial Foundation Award

Sho Morioka, PhD in the Ravichandran lab was selected for the Mishima Kaiun Memorial Foundation Award this year. The award was given to postdoctoral researchers, assistant, associate and professors worldwide. The foundation was established by Kaiun … [Read more...]

New Grant Supporting Research by Graduate Student in Kashatus Lab!

Sarbajeet Nagdas has received an F30 fellowship from the National Cancer Institute to support his research in the Kashatus Lab. The three year fellowship titled "Physiological Role of Dynamin-Related Protein 1 in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.” … [Read more...]

Research study provides encouraging evidence in favor of SMAPs as potential anticancer drugs.

MIC Professor David Brautigan led one team of a multi-institutional project developing small molecule activators of protein phosphatase-2A , called SMAPs. The results were published on May 15, 2017 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. (PMID … [Read more...]

The Global Infectious Diseases Institute led by MIC Associate Professor Alison Criss, Ph.D has been chosen to be a UVA Pan-University Institute

The UVA Pan-University Institutes will bring together faculty and students in diverse areas of scholarship from schools across Grounds to engage in collaborative, transdisciplinary research, addressing some of society’s most complex and difficult … [Read more...]

Jacqueline Stevens wins GBS Symposium Research Poster Award

Jacqueline Stevens from Alison Criss’s lab won first place in the GBS Symposium Research Poster Awards. … [Read more...]