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Kasia Stasiak Wins 1st Place in the GBS Poster Awards

In another piece of great news, Kasia Stasiak from Vic Engelhard lab for winning the 1st place in the GBS Poster Awards. Congrats to both Kasia and her mentor Vic…

Congratulations to Ashley Bolte!

Ashley Bolte from John Lukens’ lab has just won the 2021 Michael J Peach Award. Huge congratulations to Ashley and her mentor John for this accomplishment.

2021 Outstanding MIC Graduate Student Awardee

Congratulations to Ashley Bolte-the 2021 Outstanding MIC Graduate Student Awardee. Ashley did her thesis research in the Luken's lab

Welcome Back to our Undergraduate Students!

After this long break we are excited to see our second, third, and fourth year undergraduates back in the labs doing research!

Hutcheson Award for Undergraduate Research!

Congratulations to Timour Abduhalikov in the Zong lab who won the Hutcheson award for his research on glial cell functions in the brain! It's great to have you back Timor!

Double Hoo Award for Graduate and Undergraduate Students in the Zong Lab!

Congratulations to Yen Nguyen, a graduate student in the Zong lab who is mentoring the research of Sai Gajulain, an undergraduate student, also in the Zong lab. Both won the…

Raven Scholarship for Collin Dube

Congratulations to Collin Dube in the Abounader Lab! Collin has been selected to receive a 2021 Raven Society Scholarship. Founded in 1904, the Raven Society is the oldest and most…

MIC Graduate Student Michael Kovacs Awarded F30

MIC and MSTP Graduate student Michael Kovacs from the Tajie Harris Laboratory received an NIH F30 award to study how the recently described meningeal lymphatic system regulates peripheral T cell…

Vaccines Developed by UVA, VA. TECH may offer broad protection from coronaviruses

UVA’s Dr. Steven Zeichner, and Virginia Tech’s Dr. Xiang-Jin Meng’s discovery might one day open the door to a universal vaccine for coronaviruses. [more]

COVID-19: Scientists, Doctors Launch Vaccine Virtual Town Halls. MIC faculty Dan Engel and Dean Kedes are instrumental on getting this effort off the ground.

Several of our faculty are organizing and participating in the Covid-19 Vaccination town halls! “In an age where most people get their information at a distance, we wanted to find…