Jacqueline Stevens wins GBS Symposium Research Poster Award

Jacqueline Stevens from Alison Criss’s lab won first place in the GBS Symposium Research Poster Awards. … [Read more...]

Claudia Han Receives Michael J. Peach Award

Claudia Han from Kodi Ravichandran’s lab won the Michael J Peach Outstanding Graduate Student Award.  Congratulations!! … [Read more...]

March for Science in Washington DC

"Cville takes science to the Capitol in NEWS / by Kate Lewis  http://www.cavalierdaily.com/article/2017/04/cville-takes-science-to-the-capitol Thousands of scientists and supporters of science-based policy descended upon the U.S. Capitol Saturday … [Read more...]

Undergraduate Student in the Kashatus Lab receives Rotary Fellowship to continue her research at Cambridge!

Ashley Ferguson will study at the University of Cambridge’s Medical Research Council Cancer Unit with a Rotary Global Grant next year. "Ferguson is researching how cancer cells survive nutritional deprivation and how that is linked to the cell’s … [Read more...]

Kathy Michels’ research on TV this morning!

Kathy Michels, graduate student in the Borna Mehrad Laboratory speakes about how the reseach in her lab could help patients beat deadly pneumonia.  Watch the news report. For a more detailed report please see  Discovery May Help Patients Beat … [Read more...]

Claudia Han, Ravichandran Lab 2017 MIC Outstanding Student

Claudia Han, from Kodi Ravichandran's laboratory, has been selected as the the 2017 MIC Outstanding Student, and will be the MIC Graduate Program's nominee for the Peach and Hungerford Awards. She will join outstanding students from the other BIMS … [Read more...]

Two undergraduate researchers receive Harrison Fellowships for research in the Gioeli lab

Congratulations to Ashe Allende and Rose Sleppy, two undergraduates in the Gioeli lab who received Harrison Fellowships!  Read more. … [Read more...]

Whitfield-Randolph Award for work in the area of neuroscience!

Congratulations to Kristen Penberthy, graduate student in the Ravichandran lab, who has been selected for this year's Whitfield-Randolph Award for work in the area of neuroscience. The award is designed to support students in the MSTP program whose … [Read more...]

Tiffany Shand won a diversity supplement from the NIH!

Tiffany Shand in the Hui Zong lab has been funded by a diversity supplement from the NIH. What excited us even more are the comments from the program officer - she said, “...this diversity supplement request was one of the best I have ever read. … [Read more...]

James McCann in the Dudley lab has just received an F31 predoctoral fellowship

"Congratulations to James McCann in the Dudley lab who has just received an F31 predoctoral fellowship from the National Cancer Institute! This is a three-year award supporting his research on the role of TGF beta-regulated miRNAs during tumor blood … [Read more...]