Slaying Pneumonia with M-CSF

MIC Graduate student Alexandra Bettina's paper M-CSF Mediates Host Defense during Bacterial Pneumonia by Promoting the Survival of Lung and Liver Mononuclear Phagocytes  was recently accepted and has also just been featured by the journal of … [Read more...]

We welcome Sarah Ewald, PhD to our department!  

Sarah Ewald has an appointment with the Carter Immunology Center and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology.  Her research interest include: Host-parasite interactions in chronic disease and how … [Read more...]

Travel Awards to Criss Lab Graduate Students

Stephanie Ragland and Jacqueline Stevens are recipients of the Igor Stojilkovic Memorial Travel Awards, to present their research at the International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference in Manchester, UK in September 2016. Stephanie also received a … [Read more...]

Three MIC Graduate Students Win Recognitions at 2016 Huskey Research Exhibition

Congratulations to:  Claudia Han (1st Prize "Cancer and Immunology") , Sarah Pollock (1st Prize "Growth, Recovery and Energy") and Stephanie Ragland (2nd Prize "Pathogens, Parasites and Cellular Conflict") for their work presented at the 2016 Huskey … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Teoh has won the GBS Student Leadership Award

We congratulate Jeff Teoh who has won the GBS Student Leadership Award! … [Read more...]

Emily Billings has won the 2016 Jill E. Hungerford Award

Emily Billings has won the 2016 Jill E. Hungerford Award as the Outstanding Graduate Student from the GBS.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

R01 for Dave Kashatus, PhD from the National Cancer Institute to study the role of mitochondrial fission in pancreatic cancer!

David Kashatus, PhD has received an R01 grant titled “Exploring the role of mitochondrial fission in pancreatic tumorigenesis”. The grant will be funded by the National Cancer Institute from 07/01/2016 until 06/30/2021.  Congratulations! … [Read more...]

Immune Cells, Weight Control, Disease Resistance linked by DNA

The Mike Brown Laboratory in the Department of Medicine (Nephrology) at the Carter Immunology Center studies the role of genes in the immune system and has shown that many genes work together to control immune cells, tissue inflammation and even body … [Read more...]

Salmonella adapts to different niches within the host as the disease progresses

The Melissa Kendall Laboratory's research on salmonella and its sensing of ethanolamine was published recently in PLoS Pathogens. Salmonella  uses ethanolamine as  a GPS to determine its location in the body and decide whether to feast and multiply … [Read more...]