Melanie R. Rutkowski, PhD Research Reveals How Unhealthy Gut Helps Breast Cancer Spread, a finding which could lead to ways to keep breast cancer from metastasizing.


“We show gut commensal dysbiosis, an unhealthy and inflammatory gut microbiome, systemically changes the mammary tissues of mice that do not have cancer. The tissue changes enhance infiltration of mast…

Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD will be the next Chair of our Department!


Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD, will lead our Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology. He is an internationally recognized expert in virology and RNA biology and comes to UVA…

Congratulations to MIC postdoc Kee-Beom Kim from the Kwon Park Lab!


What a great accomplishment!  MIC postdoc, Kee-Beom Kim (center) is going to start his own laboratory as assistant professor at Kyungpook National University in Korea, beginning on September 1! Below is…

Nadia Holness in Sarah Ewald’s Laboratory receives HHMI Gilliam fellowship!


Congratulations to Nadia Holness, Microbiology graduate student in Sarah Ewald's Laboratory, on being selected for the highly competitive Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship. The Gilliam Program  invests in graduate…

Six MIC Faculty Members received Promotions!


Congratulations to six of our faculty members: Top row: Anna Cliffe, Sarah Ewald, Melanie Rutkowski were promoted to Associate Professor Bottom row: Rusty Elliott, Dan Gioeli, and Melissa Kendall were…

Katarzyna Stasiak in the Engelhard lab has been awarded the Parsons-Weber-Parsons (PWP) Fellowship in Oncology Research


  Please join us in congratulating Katarzyna Stasiak (Vic Engelhard’s laboratory) who has been selected as the second “PWP Scholar” supported by the “Sarah J. Parsons-Michael J. Weber- J. Thomas…

Congratulations Wagner Award Recipients!


Sarah Dochnal, Johnson Ung and Abigail Whitford received the 2022 Wagner Award. Congratulations on your Achievements! Johnson Ung is a MIC graduate student in the Tom Loughran Lab, Sarah Dochnal…

MIC Students Receive NRSA Fellowships


Ian Liyayi from the Criss Laboratory, Johnson Ung, from the Loughran Laboratory, and Sarah Wang from the Dudley Laboratory and  received NRSA Fellowships this year. Congratulations on this accomplishment.

Herve Agaisse, PhD and Alison Criss, PhD appointed Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professors


Herve Agaisse, PhD and Alison Criss, PhD were named a Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professors. This endowed professorship recognizes faculty who have made outstanding commitments to education, research, and service at…

Congratulations to our twelve students who graduated this year with a PhD from the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology


              From left to right: upper row: Allie Allcott, PhD, Janet Arras, PhD, Allie Donlan, PhD, Saad Hussain, PhD, Amanda Lulu, PhD, Sayo McCowin,…