Alison Criss, PhD receives Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research

“She is…fearless in adopting new technologies as they develop, often applying them to her own research problems in unique and inventive ways.” – Colleague

“Alison’s research has the potential to remarkably expand our knowledge on Neisseria pathogenesis and has translational implications by providing potential new targets for therapeutic intervention. …This is a fundamentally important series of studiesperformed by the right person, using the right approaches, and at the right time.” – Colleague

“Alison epitomizes what we hope to develop in our younger generation of scientists and faculty here at UVa.” – Colleague

“Through her hard work and intelligence, Alison has gained the respect of our department, members of the University community with whom she has interacted, and colleagues throughout the scientic community.” – Colleague

“Since she has joined the Department in 2008, Alison has been stellar in every category of what one would expect of a junior investigator.”– Colleague

[source:  Award Poster]  Link to Criss Lab