Open Positions

Post-doctoral fellow: Park Lab. A postdoc position is available for studying roles of tumor-microenvironment, epigenetic modifiers, and metabolic alteration in lung cancer using genetically engineered precancerous cells and mice. The successful candidate has strong backgrounds in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and/or Cell Biology.
Please contact Dr. Kwon Park:

Post-doctoral fellow and technician: Derré Lab. We are generally interested in infectious diseases and microbiology with a focus on Chlamydia-host interaction in vitro and in vivo. Our NIH funded projects investigate the role of Chlamydia-specific effector proteins in bacterial progression through the developmental cycle and in inclusion interaction with cellular organelles and lipid acquisition. Another aspect of our research focuses on the development of relevant 3D in vitro models to investigate the role of the microbiota and sex hormones in Chlamydia infections.
Please contact Dr. Isabelle Derré:

Post-doctoral fellow: Agaisse Lab. The Agaisse Lab has an open post-doctoral position for studying the mechanism supporting intestinal infections by the human pathogen Shigella flexneri.  We use multiple approaches ranging from molecular and cellular biology to novel animal models of shigellosis.
Please contact Dr. Hervé Agaisse:


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